The truth is in your video and nothing helps you see it like MotionDSP.

Whether you’re analyzing past events or assessing what’s happening in real-time, MotionDSP’s advanced Ikena software enables valuable data extraction that leads to finding important answers to high stakes questions.

Questions like “Is there an armed threat?”, “Where is the fault in the oil pipeline?” and “Is this the shoplifter from last week?” are answered accurately and decisively. MotionDSP’s enhanced image processing and computer vision software delivers critical information, critically fast.

MotionDSP offers products that address the problems video analysts must solve. Ikena Forensic helps discern what has happened. Ikena ISR and Ikena WAMI allow analysts to see what’s happening now. All products are simple to use, off-the-shelf solutions that are off the charts in efficiency — requiring no proprietary hardware or time-consuming training.

Ikena Forensic

Seeing is believing. Ikena Forensic enhances video from any source to clarify the critical question: What happened? With Ikena Forensic, analysts can quickly and easily identify important details like faces and the make/model of cars to produce forensically valid evidence.

Ikena ISR / WAMI

With Ikena ISR and Ikena WAMI (for wide areas), you’re empowered by analytics that yield real-time results. “What’s happening now?” is answered with speed and accuracy, providing quick answers to time-sensitive questions that deliver a sound basis for immediate decisions.

Answers for Every Industry

MotionDSP works with customers across a broad range of industries, such as defense, law enforcement, energy, transportation, agriculture and commercial security. Whatever your industry, we can help you find the answers you need in your video.